Tuition is $704 per credit for all students for 2017-2018. The program requires 45 credits to graduate.

In-state and out-of-state tuition rates do not apply to this program. ALL students pay the same rate and as a self-sustaining program, we are not eligible for the State Employee Tuition Exemption program. Full time graduate status is 10 credits per quarter. Tuition does not include the Student Technology Fee, Services & Activities Fee, or any other fees associated with registration.


Fees for full-time attendance are:
$45 registration fee
$38 technology fee
$231 services & activities fee

For half-time attendance, fees are reduced to:
$45 registration fee
$27 technology fee
$165 services & activities fee


Comm Lead offers a limited number of Professional Development Scholarships. Professional Development Scholarships are to support attendance at and travel to conferences, workshops, or other training opportunities outside of academic classes. Students have previously applied for funding to attend Games for Change in NYC, SXSW in Austin, and various local conferences (TEDx, Seattle Interactive, GeekWire Summit). Download the Professional Development Scholarship Form here.

Quarterly Partner Program projects offer a chance for students to offset tuition costs by working on independent communication and storytelling projects for client organizations. Contact Molly Schachter at for details and the latest opportunities.

The Department of Communication also has an emergency fund available to students, called the Dolores Eyler Fund, which is meant to assist with unexpected challenging expenses such as health care costs, car repairs, and emergency travel. Please consider this fund for non-tuition emergency expenses.