Ekin Yasin Associate Director

Ekin has been exploring different disciplines and methodological approaches for over a decade. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of fields from politics to area studies to anthropology. Her last academic pursuit was at New York University’s Media, Culture, Communication program were she completed her PhD. Her dissertation explored how genetic based health institutions cope with the changing science and their constantly changing identities. This research was also an attempt at bringing diverse perspectives to understand more broadly contemporary institutional practices and challenges of institutional self-presentation.

She has taught classes in a variety of themes related to the field of communication across different institutions. She has designed and taught classes exploring topics of media industries, digital media, and international media. She has been an active advocate of transforming classes to active learning spaces. She is also passionate about developing novel pedagogical practices that would allow each student to bring their perspectives and identities as a useful tool to the classroom. Her integrative and innovative teaching approaches is a passion that she shares periodically with teaching and learning communities through pedagogical workshops across the US. She hopes to develop cutting-edge methods to create engaging and critical learning environments for the Communication Leadership program as well.

Parallel to her academic existence was her love and pursuit of things related to food. During her doctoral work, she co-founded a food based social networking website, Gourmates. She wanted to use social media technologies to connect food-lovers and use that as a basis of their connection. As a part of her work as co-founder and public outreach coordinator, Ekin helped organize a series of large networking events for Gourmates community and foodies all across New York City. She gave up this pursuit to focus on her doctoral work and teaching  Now, she is a cook and organizes pop-up dinners in Seattle area periodically where she serves her hybrid Northwestern cuisine inspired by that region of both US and Turkey.