Alex Stonehill Head of Creative Strategy

Alex Stonehill is a homegrown Seattleite and a proud product of Seattle Public Schools. He spent his summers growing up on commercial salmon fishing boats in Alaska.

Alex got hooked on multimedia journalism while living in New York City post-9/11, and soon founded international journalism nonprofit The Common Language Project with his best friend and his future wife. The project took him to over a dozen countries, including trips to Ethiopia to cover pastoral communities impacted by climate change, Russia to report on Putin’s consolidation of power, and Syria and Iraq to interview conflict refugees. In 2013 he co-directed Barzan, an award-winning feature documentary about an Iraqi-American family in suburban Seattle caught up in a terrorism accusation.

Alex joined the UW Department of Communication in 2010 and has been teaching storytelling with Comm Lead ever since.

In 2012 he helped to found The Seattle Globalist, a hybrid media/education organization that trains and provides a platform for populations that are underrepresented in journalism and media production fields. Alex served as the Globalist’s Editor-in-Chief for four years and now serves on its board of directors.

Alex joins Comm Lead as Head of Creative Strategy with an eye toward building community connections and elevating student opportunities beyond the classroom.