Alex Stonehill

Associate Director

Alex Stonehill is a homegrown Seattleite and a proud product of Seattle Public Schools. He spent his summers growing up on commercial salmon fishing boats in Alaska.

He got hooked on multimedia journalism while living in New York City post-9/11, a career that took him to over a dozen countries including Ethiopia, Russia, Pakistan, Syria and Iraq. In 2012 he helped to found The Seattle Globalist, a community media organization addressing issues of representation. In 2013 he co-directed Barzan, an award-winning feature documentary about an Iraqi-American family in suburban Seattle caught up in a terrorism accusation.

Alex began teaching journalism and storytelling in UW Department of Communication in 2010. In 2017 joined Comm Lead full-time, later earning the Communities & Networks degree himself.

He know serves as Associate Director, with a focus on developing community partnerships and applied learning opportunities for students, while also overseeing the Communication Leadership program’s brand.

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