Brian Marr

Senior Affiliate Instructor

With more than 15 years of experience in advertising, marketing and digital media, Brian is passionate about creating marketing programs and products that allow customers to connect and engage with a brand in deeper and more meaningful ways. Brian’s professional background includes long term roles at several great companies, including HP and Microsoft, in positions focused on new product introductions, transmedia storytelling and social media.  In 2007 he transitioned to an agency role, serving as the Managing Director of the Wexley School for Girls advertising agency, and eventually the Director of Digital Strategy. Today, he leads the strategy practice at Smashing Ideas (a Bertelsmann Company), helping clients solve digital engagement problems through motivational design. He is a member of the Smashing Ideas Board of Directors and a founding member of the Seattle Interactive Conference Advisory Board.

Brian has been part of the faculty since 2010 and is an instructor for the Communication Leadership Marketing and Branding course.