David Holmberg

Senior Affiliate Instructor

Throughout his career David been fascinated with how things work, from how stories are structured to what makes great products. He is currently the Chief of Design for the IRS, helping improve the digital experience for millions of taxpayers. Prior to working in civic tech, he led design teams for Amazon’s autonomous retail stores and worked at several mid and early-stage startups. He has also worked as a content strategist, writer, editor, and educator, and holds a Ph.D. in English Language and Literature from the University of Washington.

Underlying both his academic experience and work in the technology sector is a passion for language and storytelling. As a humanities scholar working in the technology industry, his interest is in the human side of digital media, and the ways storytelling is shaping and being reshaped in the 21st century. Outside of work he enjoys reading, biking, hiking, and all things sci-fi.