Jazz Espiritu

Head of Program Affairs

In 2011, Jazz graduated Western Washington University with a BA in English Literature and Secondary Education. He worked for AmeriCorps soon after, coordinating conferences and events for students with migrant backgrounds throughout Whatcom and Skagit County. In 2016, Jazz received an MA in Student Development Administration at Seattle University. During his time there, he gained experience in Multicultural Affairs, Wellness & Health Promotion, and Housing & Residence Life.

Jazz has a passion for one’s responsibility to their communities. He regularly serves the Filipino American community in Seattle, providing mentorship, workshops, and leading conversations. He has done workshops on implicit bias, call-out culture, and navigating toxic masculinity in communities of color.

Jazz enjoys taking a critical lens on pop culture, and can often be found consuming various types of media. He is an avid comic book reader, movie-goer, and Funko pop collector. Jazz also considers himself a singer/songwriter, and has been releasing music online since 2012.

Book a meeting with Jazz about:

  • Holistic advising and support outside of academics
  • Connecting with the Comm Lead community outside of the classroom
  • Ideas you have for community events
  • Conversations around diversity and inclusion
  • Resources around campus