Matt Chan

Senior Affiliate Instructor

Matt Chan knows that storytelling begins with the audience – an idea that has driven his 45 years of award-winning success in the television industry. Chan has worked in every facet of the industry, from operating television stations to running national television series. In 1998 he started his last business, Screaming Flea Productions, and over 14 years it grew to national prominence. His work created hits like A&E’s HOARDERS and landed him a spot as one of the very few people of color on the Hollywood Reporter’s Top 50 Reality Power Producers list. He continues his experience, serving as a Community Advocate for Seattle’s Chinatown International District, telling its story, and providing Political Media Consultation help to candidates of color.  Chan spends his time still refining the science and art of storytelling in his personal projects. His passion is to give back to the community, training and educating new generations of journalists and storytellers for the new world of media.