Describe the MCDM degree in a few sentences?

The MCDM is a professional degree focused on communication strategy. It emphasizes content creation skills, literacy of emergent technologies, and proficiency of platforms. Students learn to craft intelligent engagement strategies using media production, distribution of content, and analytics.

What are some sample courses that reflect content areas of the MCDM degree?

  • Introduction to User Centered Design
  • The Future of Marketing
  • Advanced Video Storytelling
  • Law, Data, and Privacy

What careers do students pursue with their MCDM degree?

  • Creative Director
  • Content Strategist
  • UX Designer/Researcher
  • Marketing Executive
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Executive Producer
  • Communications Consultant
  • Storyteller

How do MCDM alumni and students describe their experience?

Video Producer & Program Manager
Seattle Children’s

My MCDM journey:

“Beginning with the very first class, the program helped me to think more intentionally about aligning my values with future employers, and about the ways I wanted to show up as a leader in both digital and analog space. Halfway through my first quarter, thanks to a connection from a fellow student, I started a new role as a social media specialist.”

One specific thing I got out of my MCDM degree is:

“Experience concerting and producing multimedia stories… Communication Leadership definitely helped me launch a new direction in my career.”

Content Manager
Amazon Web Services

My MCDM journey:

“As a former newspaper reporter, when I first started the program I was looking for that natural next step in my career and MCDM spoke to me on so many levels. I knew I still wanted to tell stories, but I needed to learn how to do that in a totally different way. It was the ultimate learning experience, and I know that sandbox where I could try new things really helped me grow professionally.”

What makes someone a Communication Leader?

“It’s a mix of vision and execution. Yes, they can see where an organization needs to be in a year or two, but they’re also tactical experts who can move the ball. It’s what sets Comm Lead apart from other degrees.”

Content Strategist

My MCDM journey:

“Before I started the program, I was a writer working for a provincial government in Canada. Comm Lead gave me a lot of space and resources to explore what direction I wanted to take my career. The field I’m working in now – UX content strategy – I found out about via a guest speaker in one of the foundational classes of the program!”

What makes someone a Communication Leader?

“They consider truth and ethics every step of the way. Leading means not only driving projects forward and influencing people; it’s about finding ways to write transparently, honor and represent diverse perspectives, and deeply consider how your content affects individuals and communities.”

Social and Innovation Team Account Executive

My MCDM journey:

“I came to the program right after I graduated from college in China. My instructors not only expanded my knowledge base, but also gave me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in managing U.S.-based social channels for brands. Using my new skillset, I was able to land internships at various corporations, and achieve other goals that I had never thought possible.”

Advice for MCDM students:

“There are so many possibilities, and a variety of topics to explore within the program, if we step outside of our comfort zones. Even though we don’t necessarily do these things every day, it is important to understand all aspects of communication, especially in the current landscape.”

Still trying to decide which degree is right for you?

For a broader look at Comm Lead, check out the program overview page. Learn more about the Master of Communication in Communities and Networks (MCCN) degree here. Take a look at the classes page to review past and upcoming courses in the two degrees.