Describe the MCCN degree in a few sentences?

The MCCN is a professional degree focused on communication strategy that emphasizes building community, growing networks, and crafting organizational identity. Students learn the collaborative skills necessary to manage change, recognize and navigate interpersonal dynamics, and design effective strategies for engaging diverse publics.


What are some sample courses that reflect content areas of the MCCN degree?

  • Leadership Approaches to Diversity Initiatives in Organizations
  • Innovation Communities
  • Communicating Ideas: Strategies and Theories of Communities and Networks
  • Brand Matters
  • Content Marketing and Strategy for Communities


What careers do students pursue with their MCCN degree?

  • Communications Director
  • Public Relations Executive
  • Outreach Manager
  • Brand Stewardship
  • Marketing Director
  • Storyteller
  • Community Strategist


How do MCCN alumni and students describe their experience?

Seattle Youth Commission Coordinator
City of Seattle

My MCCN journey:

“I began the program during the same quarter I started my city job. The timing was perfect. The techniques taught in the first core class allowed for real-time application to what essentially was a communication challenge relating to access to local government and equitable distribution of power for all residents. Thanks to the Comm Lead program, I am more skilled at working in teams to develop novel and useful ways to engage the youth voice on policy issues that are then elevated to City government officials.”

One specific thing I got out of my MCCN degree is:

“I entered Comm Lead with a collection of skill sets that didn’t naturally point to a specific job title. The synthesis of several classes, guest speaker insights, and faculty advice really helped me clarify my personal leadership style, hone my voice and pinpoint my career focus.”

Communications Specialist
Greater Tacoma Community Foundations

My MCCN journey:

“Prior to enrolling in the Communication Leadership program, all my professional experience was in the education field. [After graduating] I was able to leverage my MCCN skills to land a job where I get to be involved in all kinds of community building work in my own hometown. I learned a lot from the way my colleagues and instructors modeled creativity, leadership, and friendship.”

One specific thing I got out of my MCCN degree is:

“The understanding that creativity is collective. I learned that there is tremendous value in collaboration and creating together with others, especially those who bring different voices and perspectives than your own.”

Director of TRIO, Retention and Completion
Seattle Central College

My MCCN journey:

“Before starting Comm Lead, I was cynical and indecisive on what would actually propel me to start a graduate program, until I found the MCCN program. Now I’m privileged to lead a team in providing academic services to first generation college-going students with a holistic approach that supports their persistence, graduation, and transfer to a university.”

What should people know about the MCCN degree?

“I often explain the MCCN degree as analyzing how communication serves as the backbone of leadership — whether that’s understanding how to lead diversity and inclusion initiatives, build and strengthen partnerships, or learning how to strategize around community/client needs.”

Product Marketing Manager

My MCCN journey:

“When I applied I was a communication manager at Microsoft. I was able to leverage my understanding of communities and networks to land my first job in product marketing at a small software company. Now I lead product marketing at a company called Xinova, which works with multinational companies to solve major problems through innovation.”

What should people know about the MCCN degree?

“Every class is an opportunity for you to push yourself to try something that is outside of your expertise and comfort zone.”

Still trying to decide which degree is right for you?

For a broader look at Comm Lead, check out the program overview page. Learn more about the Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) degree here. Take a look at the classes page to review past and upcoming courses in the two degrees.