Describe the MCCL degree in a few sentences?

The Master of Communication in Communication Leadership (MCCL) is a two year program that provides a broad foundation of preparation for those changing career fields or with little experience looking to launch a new career in the communication industries. The MCCL requires 60 credits, allowing for breadth of study with classes taken across all of Comm Lead’s curricular areas. Students also complete a required internship, professional writing training, and a capstone experience as they prepare to launch a communication career.


Who might choose to pursue this degree?

The MCCL is designed for those seeking a broad foundation in communication theory, practice, and methods, particularly those with no prior communication experience. This two year program may appeal to those seeking more opportunities for extended engagement during their studies, including multiple or long-term internships, and a wide variety of class options. Students also focus their studies with one of eight curricular specializations, targeting their experience in one area that appeals to and reflects employer needs in the communication job market.


Which courses are unique to the MCCL degree?

  • Professional Writing: Students will complete one course dedicated to communication industry professional writing skills, to ensure they are prepared for the deliverables and techniques required for writing within the communication profession.
  • Internship: Students will complete 5 credits of internship experience, gaining real world experience in a communication role as a part of their degree. The internship course requires outlining learning outcomes, reflective check-ins on a bi-weekly basis, and a final written evaluation by the internship supervisor.
  • Capstone: The capstone project reflects a significant investment of research, and can take a variety of forms: research paper, communications plan, or multimedia content. Students will work directly with a faculty supervisor who will oversee the project, and will present their final deliverable in a public presentation.


What careers do students pursue with their MCCL degree?

  • Content Strategist
  • Marketing Executive
  • Communications Consultant
  • Storyteller
  • Communications Director
  • Public Relations Executive
  • Outreach Manager
  • Brand Stewardship
  • Community Strategist

Still trying to decide which degree is right for you?

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Alex StonehillMCCL