COMMLD 533: Storytelling for Emergent Platforms

Course Description

Emerging models of interactive and immersive storytelling are disrupting how we reach and engage with audiences. In this course we will examine the unique ways that media and user-generated content can tell one cohesive story across platforms in a distributed way; and how this is a pivotal part of the current and future Web 3.0 ecosystem. We will focus our design thinking on audience engagement, UX, built worlds for interactive experiences, and the role of AI as a tool, an assistant, and a platform– students will learn about best-practice uses of VR/AR, branch narratives, game development and integration of traditional video in mobile UX.  We will be coupling a critical look at these emerging models while working through the technical aspects of story creation and the implementation of media production tools and platforms. 

This will be a project-based course through which students will acquire the strategy and skills to make informed design decisions, develop and use of immersive storytelling processes. Previous media production, web development or game design is not necessary, though a willingness to learn and play with the underlying technologies is a must.