COMMLD 530A: Advanced Podcasting

Course Description

This is a project-centered class for students with audio storytelling skills. Class time will focus on story/project development, visits with guest speakers, and skill building geared towards designing and implementing a large audio story project, such as a new podcast, audio mini series, or audio-driven multimedia project. Students will consider target audience and create an audience engagement plan, develop an editorial mission and focus, explore funding options and production needs, create an outline of the full project or first season of a new podcast, and produce an initial pilot episode. Students should come to the class comfortable with recording and editing audio. COMMLD 535: Foundations of Audio Storytelling or equivalent experience in nonfiction audio or video storytelling required.

*Students must prove their proficiency in audio or video production to register for this course by meeting the minimum qualifications:

1. Proficient experience in editing audio or video programs

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