COMMLD 510A: User Interface and Visual Design

Course Description

Design is an umbrella term describing several overlapping concepts. User Interface Design (UI or IxD) is concerned with how navigational components are organized on a system interface so the page layout is easy to navigate and guides users on how to achieve their goals. Visual Design centers on aesthetics and strategic implementation of communication components, images, colors, fonts, and other graphic elements to design effective visual layouts.

In this class you’ll learn the fundamentals of human motor performance, perception, and cognition that inform effective interaction design, as well as how UI and Visual Design work together in concert. Some of the topics we’ll cover are research, mood board creation, testing, user flows, Figma essentials, component libraries, general layout and design, wireframing, prototyping, microcopy, and more. At the end of this course, students will know how to create impactful UI design and have knowledge of the tools to bring designs to fruition.