COMMLD 503E: Consulting Practicum: Leveraging Social Listening Research to Mitigate Misinformation

Course Description

One of the most urgent issues facing our society today is the growing impact of misinformation. In an effort to better plan for, engage with and proactively mitigate the negative impact of misinformation, stakeholders are increasingly using social listening research tools to have effective mitigation approaches in place. 

In this practicum, students will navigate this uncharted area by using a social listening research tool called Pulsar to map and identify critical trends and topics most relevant to creating effective misinformation mitigation approaches. Students will then draft a framework of practical approaches for client consideration and incorporation into organizational policy. By the end of this practicum, students will have gained competencies in the area of social listening/research, strengthened leadership skills and consulting engagement. 

The learning challenge: This practicum is for students who are ready to grow as leaders–leaders who recognize that wrestling with real-world problems calls for moving through ambiguity. Just like in real-world work contexts, this course will not include heavy text-based teaching or pre-designed road maps of ‘here is what to do every step of the way’. Instead, there will be steady and strong coaching and support from an instructor with a specialized expertise in navigating ambiguity and leading through influence. You can expect to be uncomfortable most of the time in this practicum, and that will be a mark of success and growth. Every student will create a tangible skill-based experience to use in their career development, professional networking and portfolio. In other words, there will be a direct answer to the question of “tell me about a time when you developed a communications strategy for a client.”

Credit/No Credit only.

About 503 Communication and Leadership Practicum

Communication and Leadership Practicum courses give you the opportunity to engage in contemporary professional practice by addressing the challenges of real-life organizations. Each section is matched with a client organization or group of client organizations, and focuses on a distinct professional skill or practice that is deemed essential across a variety of professional fields. Students can choose their section based on their interests and needs.

Designed to mirror a professional setting, our Practicum offer you the opportunity to work at a higher level and with greater responsibility than what you might encounter in an internship or in entry-level work. In the span of a quarter, you will enhance highly-desirable professional skills, produce work that you can include in your own professional portfolios, and most importantly, leave with a story–your story – of what you did in this project to create value for your client.