COMMLD 501: Leadership Through Story and Communities

Course Description:

The Comm Lead core classes are designed to build off one another, with the Fall core class focused on personal narrative and leadership styles, with the Spring core class opening the aperture on narrative to include organizational storytelling and engagement. Both classes are also designed to set expectations and behaviors for a fruitful graduate school experience that encourages students to take accountability for their own learning, to see themselves as creatives, as leaders, and as entrepreneurial thinkers whose evolving expertise serves not just their own professional growth, but the wellbeing of their greater community at large.

This foundational class considers personal leadership development through the two lenses of story and community, with particular attention paid to the Declaration of Communication Leadership. In this digital age when the technology of communication is so pervasive and accessible for many, leadership and story go hand in hand to produce strong community engagement in the service a more equitable and just world. One’s personal history and cultural context influence one’s leadership style, so using cross-sector profiles and guest speakers, we will carefully consider a range of leaders, their personal narratives, communication styles, and how they connect meaningfully to customers, colleagues, and constituents. As part of the course applied learning, you will be asked to produce a portfolio with a section for each of the seven tenets of the declaration: storytelling, technology, values, responsibility, community, advocacy, and leadership. Credit/no-credit only.