COM 592: Marketing Policy and Engaging with Diverse Societies: Public Health, Culture, and Video-Based Communication (Edgerly)

Former Tags: Spring 2014, MCCN, 1 Credit, Research Methods

Note: Course only meets Research Methods Core Requirement if full 3-quarter sequence taken.

Course Description:

Spring quarter will continue the work of disseminating public health discussion videos created Autumn quarter, by actively recruiting focus group participants, continuing to develop a guided discussion protocol, and conducting focus group observations with
those participants that students recruit. Students should be prepared to spend time writing recruitment texts, finding locations to post them, talking with possible participants, and setting up and running focus group discussions with video screenings. This project requires time, and a willingness to reach out to the community, engage in discussion, and ask questions. Students will learn the basics of setting up and running a qualitative, community-focused research project, as well as how to do field observations, take notes, and analyze initial data.