Community Workshops

The Communication Leadership program stays connected to the greater Seattle community by hosting conferences, events, and supplying speakers.

Communication Leadership Connects

Communication Leadership Connects is our premier public event. For the last five years, we’ve gathered professionals, advocates, and graduate students to engage around a key topic. Look out for info about Connects 2023 coming soon!

Connects 2022: Listening and Leading for Health and Wellbeing

The pandemic has forced communicators to think about wellness in a whole new way.

Individual health decisions have become a collective concern. Impactful communication about COVID safety is a matter of life and death. And companies are newly responsible for protecting their employees and customers, while balancing work and wellness. Who will lead us toward this balance?

The answer is YOU!

Even as we return to the office, we’ll never go back from thinking about the whole of our community members’ lives and experiences. Our individual and shared goals can only be realized in an environment of mutual care.

Connects 2022 is a space for communicators and leaders to explore how they’ll further health and wellbeing at work — and beyond.