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TEDx Seattle: Now Accepting Attendee Applications

TEDx Seattle: Now Accepting Attendee Applications On April 16, 2010, the Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) program will be hosting TEDx Seattle at the Pacific Science Center. This regional event, independent from but endorsed by TED, aims to “bring together great minds in creativity, scholarship, and entrepreneurship to discuss the possibilities and prospects

MCDM Emerging Series: Michele Myers (KEXP)

“My passion is to create visuals and sound scenes that take you on the spot with a band or an era.”—Michele Myers MCDM’s Emerging series continues with an interview with Michele Myers, Producer of KEXP documentaries. KEXP’s current ten-part radio documentary, Blues For Hard Times, features UW Music History professor Larry Starr. Past documentary series,

Is this the future of “Free?”

I wasn’t too concerned about missing the Opening Ceremonies from the Vancouver Winter Olympics, as I figured I could catch it online afterward.  NBC was keen to showcase its cool new Silverlight plug-in by streaming a considerable amount of the Beijing games in 2008. But when I tried to watch Part 1 of the Opening

The Empire Strikes Back?

For years, I only knew of George Lucas’ 1977 cinematic sci-fi breakthrough as “Star Wars.”  Then I found out that it was part of a trilogy. But wait, Lucas had a plan all along; this tale of an oppressed rag-tag alliance looking to overturn a hierarchical, monopolistic political system (aka “The Empire”) was always meant

Storytelling, Digital Media and Constrained Communication: Town Hall

Watch the video of my entire Seattle Town Hall talk on January 13, 2010 (we’ll post the high-res version later). Here is my slide deck with notes (cross-posted from The Storyteller Uprising blog).  Special thanks to MCDM’er Jay Al-Hashal who provided the design concept for the deck and advised me on structure.  We covered everything

Media. Power. Panic. Monopoly.

Last week, we cancelled our cable TV service.  In one fell swoop, we went from 60 to 0.  No more DVR, HBO in HD, nor movies-on-demand.  Also gone: the extraneous 700 other channels that I never looked at.  For the first time since I was a college student, I wasn’t tethered to a coaxial connection.

Want to know more about the MCDM?

Here are my slides from our December 2 2009 info meeting. MCDM Dec 2009 Info Meeting View more presentations from uwmediaspace. And you can watch the video:

IndieFlix Podcast – Scott Macklin talks about Masizakhe

IndieFlix Play It Again Podcast with Masizakhe Filmmaker Scott Macklin Hosted By Lois Fein “We are each other’s best and most powerful resource.” What’s inside the Scott Macklin Interview? – Listen to the Movie: “Masizakhe: Building Each Other” – Conversations with community activists – How do you overcome apartheid? – Seattle and South Africa artists

An Ode to Contemplation

The signs of info-exhaustion are abundantly clear.  I’ve been flashing them red in my status updates after all. Hanson Hosein I’m tired of being in a perpetual state of communication (says the digital media journalist guy via Twitter and Facebook). [7 comments, 6 people liked this] Hanson Hosein How to restore “contemplative balance” in an