Isabel loves being a brand storyteller, content creator, podcaster, and writer. (Notice the Oxford comma there?) She has 3 years work experience in digital news and information communications technology industries. After graduating from the Communication Leadership program in December 2020, she is working as a Social Media Consultant at SAP Concur in Seattle.

In her free time, Isabel is most passionate about using social media to engage with online communities and stimulate conversations. She writes Medium articles, manages a bookstagram “Seattle Book Girls (@seattlebookgirls),” and curates a bilingual podcast “Abroad, Not Alone (@abroad_notalone).” She loves hiking, dancing bachata, and traveling. She is also a self-proclaimed dim-sum connoisseur and Yelp™ Elite.

Ask her about:

  • Content strategy
  • Marcomm strategy
  • Copywriting for technical content and newswriting
  • Social media content creation
  • Job search & networking skills
  • Effective cross-cultural communication