Dacia Sáenz is a filmmaker and artist hailing from Austin, Texas, where she worked in television and documentary productions for CNBC, PBS and the Sundance Foundation, hunting for the perfect shots as a photo and film archivist. When not in production, she performed as part of a queer hip hop trio and was published (under pen name) in The Kicked Out Anthology, selected as one of the top books of 2011 by the LGBTQ Roundtable of the American Library Association.These days, she’s exploring media-making at the University of Washington, earning her Master of Communication in Digital Media and recently debuted her homage to pinball in the short documentary, “Still Playing,” at the Seattle International Film Festival. Dacia was also honored to take home the Audience Choice Award for her short documentary on Seattle’s vintage ballroom and partner dance community, “Get on the Floor!,” at the Seattle Center’s Next Fifty film festival. Back in Seattle after filming in Thailand and El Salvador, she is currently in post-production working on social justice centered multi-media projects for Seattle Globalist and the University of Washington’s Center for Human Rights. Dacia has also spent the last year mentoring creative youth for Seattle based media organizations, Reel Grrls, Reel Queer Youth, and the Seattle Globalist Youth.

Talk to Dacia about: Storytelling and engagement strategies; Kickstarter and crowdfunding; video; working with nonprofits; media literacy and youth media education; moving to Seattle to attend MCDM.