Tongtong Qu graduated from the program in March 2020 with the degree track in MCDM. She also earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington with a major in Communication and minor in Nutritional Sciences (because she’s a foodie). 

As an international student who has been living in Seattle for seven years, Tongtong dedicates to embracing differences and building the bridge between international students and the rest of the community.  

Tongtong currently works at SAP Concur as a Digital Marketing Manager. She has experience in digital marketing, community engagement, and cross-cultural content strategy and social media marketing. She also has a side interest in UX research and interviews. As a bilingual and multimedia storyteller fluent in both English and Chinese, her goal is to create and craft stories to empower the people and make a positive impact.  

Ask her about

  • Campus life 
  • Social media marketing and analytics 
  • Internships at startups and large companies 
  • Digital marketing for B2B tech companies 
  • Content strategy
  • Storytelling through in-person engagement and digital channels 
  • Brand localization and global presence  
  • User Research
  • Navigating career and life as an international student with a growth mindset 
  • Handling stress and anxiety  
  • Food, cooking, baking, where to have fun in Seattle, travel, etc.