Scott is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and video director who has produced more than a dozen documentary films including 2013’s White Like Me featuring Tim Wise, which he directed, produced, edited and co-wrote. 

In his first class in Comm Lead, his video on the Seattle street art project Rainworks amassed more than 20 million views across platforms and was shared by national publications including the Washington Post, CNN, Buzzfeed and The Atlantic as well as celebrities Nicki Minaj, Ashton Kutcher, and George Takei. 

In his role as Creative Director of Waka Waka Studios, he’s produced video content for clients like Microsoft, Delta Dental of Washington, Fan Duel and Chambong.  

His upcoming documentary series titled The Future We Want will launch in the second half of 2020. 

Ask him about: 

– Video Storytelling

– Editing

– Freelance & client work

– Leveraging your network

– Podcasts (particularly narrative podcasts!)

– Movies (particularly Kubrick, Studio Ghibli, Star Wars) 

– Sports (particularly the NBA) 

Give him:

– Podcast Recommendations (his favorites include Reply All, Wind of Change, Song Exploder)

– Video game recommendations (his favorites include Super Mario Odyssey, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn)