Xintong Liu is a cohort 17 MCDM student from China. She has experience in video production, storytelling, and graphic design. Xintong joined the Comm Lead program in 2017 with a journalism background and multiple internship experiences, Since then, she has been actively engaged in all kinds of events both inside and outside the program. In her first quarter she was selected to participate in a project through the Partner Program, producing three creative videos for a local client. Currently she works as communication specialist for the Office of the Provost at UW where she applies what she has learned in the program into the real-life practice.

“Throughout my journey in the program, I’ve been able to get clearer what kind of person I want to be.”

If you want to have a talk with her about her Comm Lead experience and application, please do not hesitate to reach out to her via You are also welcome to connect her on Linkedin (Xintong Liu) or Instagram (xintongliu22).