Leslie Daniels is a proud New Orleans native and recent graduate of the UW Communication Leadership program with a focus on Communities and Networks.  She dedicates her communication skills to civic-justice advocacy and community-centric policy advising that help people thrive, especially those most marginalized.

Her previous experience in youth development is her most cherished body of work.  As the Seattle Youth Commission Coordinator, she facilitated opportunities for high schoolers to advise on the hiring of Seattle’s Chief of Police, the 2019 Family Education and Early Learning Levy, and the Seattle Public Schools Skills Center marketing strategy. She also managed the Clear Path to Employment program at the Accelerator YMCA, connecting homeless youth and young adults to paid internships, job readiness training, and housing.  Leslie also launched, Urban Minds in Motion, a media literacy and video production program.

Currently, she serves as Legislative Aide to Seattle Councilmember Mike O’Brien.  Her scope of work includes communications, criminal justice reform, homelessness, education, and wage equity.

Ask her about public policy, communication advocacy, the legislative process, and racial equity in the non-profit and local government sectors.