Annie Crawley has worked around the world for two decades with cameras in hand, mostly below the surface of our ocean. Annie’s work has been published and broadcast world-wide, and she is a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and the Climate Reality Leadership Corps trained by Al Gore. Born and raised in Chicago, she now calls Seattle home. She works as a filmmaker, motivational speaker, photographer, writer, as well as Master Scuba Diving Instructor. She has created a series of illustrated books and programs to entertain, educate and awe people about life within our ocean. Annie launched Dive Into Your Imagination to create a community to educate and entertain all ages and connect them to our environment. She travels with a dive team who explore the sea by free-diving and scuba diving. As a master storyteller she runs programs teaching the art of photography, video, and storytelling. She graduated from the University of Washington Communication Leadership Program with a Master of Communications Building Communities and Networks. Her mission in life is to help others understand their interconnection with our environment and wants people to have a conversation about the ocean every single day. The Our Ocean and You Campaign launched 2 years ago and continues to build through partnerships within our community. Annie shares the beauty and wonder of exploring our ocean together with three issues facing our world ocean: pollution, climate change, and sustainability. Annie wants everyone to join the team and be the voice for our ocean as without us, there is none. You can find out more about Annie here