Greg is co­founder at BittyCasting, a startup making casting management tools for filmmakers and studios to recruit and oversee talent. Formerly Greg worked for nine years at Wizards of the Coast as a producer and digital marketing manager (the result of a career change) on the Dungeons & Dragons brand. There, he managed book publishing projects—yes, physical books—developed public programs, organized events, and oversaw the D&D website, digital magazine app, and social channels.

He left his stable, secure job because it’s trendy to do that in your thirties—but actually because he’s always thirsting for new challenges and adventures. Like most co­startup founders, he spends his days swapping hats, typically between project management, software QA, content marketing, and sales.

Greg graduated the MCDM program in 2014. He’s passionate about travel, gaming, and philanthropy. He’s led multiple charity initiatives that have collectively raised over $200,000.

Ask me about: Startups, project management, user research, brand management, content marketing, productivity hacks, philanthropy and fundraising, gamification, career changes.