Communication Leadership Master's Program

We live in a “Communication First” age. We receive and transmit 24/7. Digital, social, and mobile channels are always on, always open. The Internet of Things pushes this pervasive connectivity well beyond the screen into the very physicality of our everyday existence. Still, this technology only amplifies our very human need to make sense of our world, of our lives.

Communication Leadership at the University of Washington is a graduate program that recognizes the true opportunity of”Communication First”: how professionals can inspire action and influence change. Comm Leaders are thoughtful about the interplay between an organization or community’s objectives and the needs of its constituents. They connect authentically with others. They recognize the importance of narrative — personal and professional — to creating persuasive and effective leadership.

We offer two degrees on the art and science of successful communication strategies: 

Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) 
Master of Communication in Communities and Networks (MCCN)  


The MCDM emphasizes communication built on the currency of content, while the MCCN emphasizes communication built on the currency of relationship. The MCDM curriculum includes courses that address content assets created and delivered in a connected way; the MCCN curriculum offers courses that showcase the communication power of structured, grouped relationships of value. Both degrees share the foundation of superb communication techniques–namely storytelling–and begin together in the two required core courses.

Both the MCDM and MCCN offer a highly versatile learning environment that presents students with real-world challenges, supported by a dedicated faculty and an influential network of partners. Together, we navigate the current state of ‘Communication First’ — and help chart its future.

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