Sumiran Nigam

Sumiran Nigam is a creative and visual enthusiast who believes in capturing diverse ideas and imaginations and transforming them into functional and beautiful designs. She holds a double master’s and her eclectic academic journey includes Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication, Master’s in Advertising and Public Relations and a second Master’s in Communication Leadership, along with a foundational knowledge in a programming language, JavaScript.

Sumiran has worked in Content and Social Media Marketing for three years. However, at CommLead, she gave her long-awaited passion for designing a chance and enrolled for a UX Design class. That’s when she saw a new version of herself who likes creating visual experiences, which made her embark on her journey to UX & UI Design. Currently, Sumiran is working her way up as UX/UI Designer at a nonprofit in Pittsburgh and is excited to share her student experiences with so many of you.

Having grown up in a family of half teachers and half artists, she’s an innate outgoing and social person. She often likes to catch up with her friends and attend various events, food festivals, celebrations, etc.

Ask her about: 

  • User Experience / Product Design
  • Visual Communication
  • User Research
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Career Pivot
  • Comm Lead Journey & Classes and How to plan them
  • Moving abroad / Intercultural Communication
  • Coffee shops and Italian cuisine in Seattle
  • Fashion / Skincare Stuff