Pritesh Patil

Creative Director

Pritesh Patil is a born-and-bred Mumbaikar from Bombay, the crown jewel of India’s western coast. He is fueled by stories, coffee fumes and the promise of adventure. When he isn’t exploring cracks between realities, he can be found on two wheels riding across the open road, or spinning tales of hope and magic.

Stories got their hooks into him at a young age, when he followed Tintin on his adventures across the globe, ate with Asterix and Obelix in Gaul, and explored the streets of Victorian England with Holmes and Watson. The squiggly lines of the universe somehow led to one of his short stories finding their way to the Moon in the Astrobotic’s Lander.

Pritesh has worn numerous hats across the advertising, marketing and sports ecosystem over the last decade. He has done the startup journey in India and also worked on the other side of the investment table, leading a sports accelerator program and collaborated with a consumer-tech incubator. He is a storyteller with an eye for Marketing, Strategy, Brand-building and partnerships with experience in driving growth across the sports ecosystem. Pritesh joined Commlead in 2021 and hit the ground running as the Community Manager for the Commlead Consultancy. At the end of his first year, he was chosen to lead the Consultancy as the Creative Director. In this role, he hopes to help students develop their portfolios and enhance their overall experience, while also assisting small and mission-driven organizations with impactful work that makes a difference. You can find him on or on Linkedin.