Soyun Ann Kim

Community Manager

Soyoun Ann Kim(she/her) is a communication leader from Korea with three years of field experience and two years of academic studies. She is skilled at working with internal and external stakeholders, coordinating online and offline content, consulting campaigns, and crisis management.

Ann joined the field of PR and communications after she had experience in an internship at a Korean government agency during her senior year. She changed her major in master’s Art History to Mass Communication. After graduation, Ann worked in a PR agency and had a chance to work with fifteen clients(government organizations) on various projects. She attempted to break the boundaries of government organizations that people think are boring through art collaborations, events, and content.

Ann is currently a student in the Communication Leadership Program (Commlead) at the University of Washington as a cohort 21, MCCN track. She came to Seattle to join the program to become a better communication leader by uplifting her ability to communicate internally and work collaboratively. She plans to stay in America and work in the game or entertainment industry with the leadership and communication skills she has been honing since she joined Commlead.