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Comm Lead equips our students to succeed in the workplace and advance their careers. Resources include: alumni career panels; a career coach retained for Comm Lead; access to the University of Washington Career Services Center; internships, First Friday events; and Comm Lead master classes on trending industry topics, and much more.

As a professional graduate program, one of our primary goals is to position our students to make strategic career choices, advocate and pursue professional development opportunities, and engage intentionally with the Comm Lead network of alumni, faculty, and partner organizations as they pursue job opportunities.

Workshops & Individual Career Coaching

Angee Linsey of Linsey Careers has extensive communications industry experience. She offers three workshops to Comm Lead students, along with one-on-one consultations. Workshops are listed on the Comm Lead calendar page, and include the following:

  • Creating Your Career Vision and Making it Real

Managing your career is an ongoing process – not just when you’re looking to make a job move. In this first workshop we will look at various ways to continuously reflect on where you’ve been and where you hope to go throughout your career. And then we begin with how to actually start talking about it in a way that makes it real.

  • Job Search Tools and Search Strategy

Resumes, Linked In profiles, social media presence and online portfolios are all important tools when embarking on your job search.  In this session we’ll cover how to present your talents in a way that tells your story well. Once you have a good understanding of how to present yourself, it’s time to create an actual plan for your search.

In part two of this session, you will learn how to approach your job search in a methodical way that has proven results. Whether currently in a job search, or simply speaking to someone about your career goals, thinking through the job search plan is as important as a communication plan is before any project launch.

  • Interviews and Nurturing Your Network Throughout Your Career

Interviewing is a skill that takes practice. There are some tangible things you can do before, during and after your interview to be more successful in landing the job you want. But once you land, it’s essential to maintain your network so that as you maneuver in your career, you will have champions who can help you. The time to nurture your network is when you DON’T need them. In this workshop, we’ll give you the tools you need to interview and nurture your network for years to come.

Be sure to check our Events Calendar and social media channels for upcoming workshops!

“By far the best extra-curricular experience I had was taking Angie’s weekend career workshops. They helped me lobby for two promotions and a very large salary increase.”

Once a student has attended one or more of the career workshops, they are eligible for one individual career coaching session (approximately 50 minutes) at no cost to the student. Based on the needs of the student, a coaching session can include career guidance, resume review, job search planning, and developing communication strategies for a job search or other related topics. Sessions can be done by phone or live as schedules permit. Limited email follow up is included.

You can read Angee’s bio and contact information below:

Angee Linsey | 206.268.0099 |

As an executive recruiter, trainer, and coach, Angee Linsey has helped people through career and hiring decisions for more than 15 years. Now as the Managing Director for Linsey Careers, she has taken the combination of her experiences and education and created a recruitment consulting and career coaching practice with a focus toward communications and marketing professionals.

UW Career & Internship Center

UW Career & Internship Center empowers students and recent graduates to launch their careers and prepare for future transitions. The Career & Internship Center employs 16 staff across two locations – our main location in MGH and the Career Center @ Engineering in Loew.  Part of their team works directly with students and recent graduates – providing information and advice on a range of career development and job search topics.  Part of their team works directly with employers – interacting with them through our online jobs board, campus interview program, career fairs, and panels. They also employ student workers who assist with every facet of our operation.

What They Provide:


Comm Lead believes that high-quality internships provide valuable opportunities to gain exposure to careers while acquiring skills, contacts, and work products that will help our students upon entrance to the job market. Comm Lead encourages each student to be entrepreneurial in their quest for resources, contacts, and opportunities during their time in the program. You can take up to 15 internship credits toward your degree. Every week the Comm Lead Head of Outreach shares a jobs/internships email with opportunities curated for our students — but you are not limited to these. The program invites all students to seek out opportunities which appeal.

Past students have pursued internships at companies such as Facebook, APOPO, C+C and NBC Universal. Often these positions lead to jobs. A number of our students have even travelled overseas for their internships or as part of their graduate research with a faculty member. Countries visited include Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon, and Namibia.

“My favorite experience was my internship at Facebook’s Content Strategy department. I didn’t know what content strategy was as a discipline before starting Comm Lead, and the knowledge I gained from Andrea Zeller’s class allowed me to have an amazing summer in Silicon Valley.”

– Kathy Matosich, MCDM Alumna

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