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Comm Lead equips our students to succeed in the workplace and advance their careers. Resources include: alumni career panels; a career coach retained for Comm Lead; access to the University of Washington Career Services Center; internships, First Friday events; and Comm Lead master classes on trending industry topics, and much more.

As a professional graduate program, one of our primary goals is to position our students to make strategic career choices, advocate and pursue professional development opportunities, and engage intentionally with the Comm Lead network of alumni, faculty, and partner organizations as they pursue job opportunities.

Workshops & Individual Consultations

Lynn Juve, job search strategist and founder of Bespoke Professional, will be presenting three workshops to Comm Lead students, along with individual consultation sessions. Workshops are listed on the Comm Lead calendar page, and include the following:


What jobs am I qualified for?
The hiring process hasn’t changed since the 1970s. As a result, it is confusing, especially when it comes to selecting job titles to pursue. Many experienced talented professionals aren’t sure what roles they are qualified for or how to go about figuring it out. In this first workshop, we will go over how to:

  • Determine your target roles
  • Conduct informational interviews 
  • How to read job descriptions


How to make a career change
For many, an advanced degree is a chance to start a new career, pivot into a new industry or gain the skills for a higher position. But how do you market yourself for a new area in which you have little or no experience? In this workshop, we will cover:

  • How to market yourself for a new role
  • Which types of recruiters are the most helpful with career changes
  • Resume keywords and Applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • How to get referred into your target roles


How to find a job in a new city
We are told that the best way to get a job is through people, but how do we do this in a new city?  In this workshop, we will cover how to:

  • Use Linkedin and other online platforms to network
  • Get referred into your target roles in a new city
  • Grow your network in your new city
  • When and how to use recruiters
  • Look for a job in a city before you have relocated


Individual Consultations
Any student who attends at least one workshop (or watches the video) is eligible for an individual consultation. Consultations will be available over the workshop of 3 days within one week of the workshop. This will allow the conversations to be productive and go more in-depth based on the student’s area of interest. 

Lynn Juve, a blonde female presenting person in a teal blazer smiles at the cameraLynn Juve | 

Lynn is a Job Search Strategist and Founder of Bespoke Professional. Her mission is to empower job seekers to land their next growth role at a market value salary. Lynn made a career pivot in 2014, from teaching high school to a learning and development career in tech. After building a new team and spending the majority of her time hiring, she became frustrated with the hiring process and the barriers it created to diversity, gender equality, and pay equity. She is known for giving actionable next steps and explaining the reason why behind any action item.

UW Career & Internship Center

UW Career & Internship Center empowers students and recent graduates to launch their careers and prepare for future transitions. The Career & Internship Center employs 16 staff across two locations – our main location in MGH and the Career Center @ Engineering in Loew.  Part of their team works directly with students and recent graduates – providing information and advice on a range of career development and job search topics.  Part of their team works directly with employers – interacting with them through our online jobs board, campus interview program, career fairs, and panels. They also employ student workers who assist with every facet of our operation.

What They Provide:


Comm Lead believes that high-quality internships provide valuable opportunities to gain exposure to careers while acquiring skills, contacts, and work products that will help our students upon entrance to the job market. Comm Lead encourages each student to be entrepreneurial in their quest for resources, contacts, and opportunities during their time in the program. You can take up to 15 internship credits toward your degree. Every week the Comm Lead Head of Outreach shares a jobs/internships email with opportunities curated for our students — but you are not limited to these. The program invites students to pursue any opportunities that align with their career goals. Current students can find details on finding and registering for internships on this page.

Past students have pursued internships at companies such as Facebook, APOPO, C+C and NBC Universal. Often these positions lead to jobs. A number of our students have even travelled overseas for their internships or as part of their graduate research with a faculty member. Countries visited include Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon, and Namibia.

“My favorite experience was my internship at Facebook’s Content Strategy department. I didn’t know what content strategy was as a discipline before starting Comm Lead, and the knowledge I gained from Andrea Zeller’s class allowed me to have an amazing summer in Silicon Valley.”

– Kathy Matosich, MCDM Alumna

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