21 Jan 2016

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Comm Lead waives GRE and GMAT requirement for new applicants

Starting in 2016, the Communication Leadership Graduate Program will no longer require applicants to submit GRE or GMAT scores. New research shows that admissions committees that over-focus on standardized test scores end up “shortchanging women and under-represented minorities.” Moreover, studies find “only a weak correlation” between high GRE scores and ultimate success in STEM fields.

“It was not an accurate measure of student success in the program,” explains Graduate Advisor Heather Werckle. “We found it was a barrier to application for many highly qualified students.”

Instead, the program will assess prospective students based on academic success in their most recent field of study, personal statements and a new application video component. Applicants will be given an opportunity to illustrate their desire to join the program in a 90 second video, using a personal anecdote. Rather than evaluating production quality, the admissions committee will look exclusively at the clip’s content and suss out the applicants’ fit in the program’s educational goals and storytelling community.

“We want a chance to get to know our applicants beyond just words on paper,” concludes Werckle. “This video gives us a glimpse into each applicant as a whole person, not just their academic or professional accomplishments.”

Program applications are due on February 1st. The program’s leadership is hosting weekly live-streamed Q&A sessions until the application deadline. View past broadcasts here, or submit your questions during an upcoming live event.

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Comm Lead waives GRE and GMAT requirement for new applicants