12 Nov 2013

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10 New Tech-related Thoughts I Must Share After My Trip to San Francisco

Last week, I attended GigaOm’s Roadmap 2013 (“The Intersection of Design & Experience) in San Francisco. It featured high level talks with tech leaders, including the founders of Twitter, Tinder and Instagram. I also enjoyed a tour of Facebook HQ and a visit with the company’s marketing leadership, thanks to my former student, Cheryl Lowry, who’s a content strategist there.

Rather than blog my findings (or write a long e-mail to my colleagues), I decided to go visual and list them in a presentation. I think that’s what all those Silicon Valley visionaries would have wanted.

Interestingly, I first set out to put this together using Google “Slides” on a newly acquired Chromebook 11 in time for my “Communication through Digital Media & Networks” class (hence the title of the presentation) Ten minutes into it, I felt like I had returned to the bad-old netbook days of 2008, and opted for Apple’s new Keynote instead. What a relief. The final slide is an image my student Jiong Gong sketched out on her iPad during an in-class exercise. I love it.

Here’s the latest incarnation of the syllabus for our class. If you’d like to find out more about our graduate program, we’re hosting an info session this week, November 14 at 6 p.m. Pacific.

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10 New Tech-related Thoughts I Must Share After My Trip to San Francisco