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Macklin weighs in on the future of education

scott_hs-f2Associate Director of the MCDM Program Scott Macklin participated in an hour-long panel discussion for a creativeLive series titled “Learn Anything, Hacking Your Education,” which focuses on reshaping the world of education. Joined by creativeLive’s co-founder and chairman Chase Jarvis and Learn Capital’s Michael Staton, the three talked about the future of learning and universities.

With so much education happening beyond the classroom, Macklin stressed the necessity of linking classroom and outside learning to remain relevant and relational.

“There’s hope that education is still a good word. Learning is a good word, and schooling can be a good word, but we can’t cede learning just to school and we can’t cede schooling just to education,” Macklin said. “We need to see the role. So for me, education is that arena where we can help learners enter in and become participatory citizens in the context of where they are.”

The relationship between time, money, school, and work is constantly changing and the panelists agreed that universities are struggling to create experiences that are not offered elsewhere for less money. Macklin said there needs to be a “shift from teaching to someone, to teaching and learning with someone” in a move from transmission to transaction.

The idea that schooling is carved into semesters and four year degrees isn’t sensible, according to Staton, in a world where learners must consistently update skill sets and challenge themselves.

“In school, the work is something you do to practice the knowledge, whereas in life, knowledge is a tool you use to do the work and to do great work,” he said.

Jarvis stressed that learning does not stop at age 22 when graduating college and believes that “creativity is the new literacy,” a concept that is central to creativeLive’s mission.

Macklin admitted to the fact that universities don’t work for everyone and expressed the importance of finding the right path. He advised to not blindly invest because your parents are pushing you in that direction. Although universities can be a place where transformation happens, they are not the only place.

“If you think a university is a place you might gain some value because there’s a community of practice that you want to spend time with, or a methodology, research lab, or a faculty member, then go sniff it out,” he said. “Go spend some time there before you make that investment.”

-Erica Thompson



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Macklin weighs in on the future of education

in-nw : How Digital We Are

We’re all about stretching our networks via every available technology in this information age. But occasionally we’re so curious, so enchanted, or perhaps overwhelmed by it all – that the only relief we can find is through talking about it.  Face to face. Real time. With experts. Today, a lot of people are getting just that opportunity.

Hanson Hosein, Director of UW's MCDM program

Hanson Hosein, Director of UW’s MCDM program

If you’re craving some immersion in the world of social engagement, in-NW (in Northwest, to the initiated) is the place to learn, grow, and network.  We’re convinced, and we’ll be there in force covering the day’s events, from the panel on State Of Engagement chaired by MCDM program director Hanson Hosein to the final talk by Steve Mallory, Director of Idea Startup at Edelman on Brand Storytelling.  The full agenda is available here.

The State of Engagement panel will feature a diverse group of thought leaders in the social media sphere: Brian Marr of Smashing Ideas, Ryan Hodgson of Weber Shandwick, and media consultant Jenni Hogan.
It promises to be a uniquely stimulating, idea-rich day, and we’ll be posting articles on Flip the Media over the next few days, as well as tweeting and live-blogging from the convention.

This convention is much more than a day of lectures and passive absorption.  Everyone, from panelists to attendees, will be able to interact and add to the energy of the “In”:

* INVOKE new ideas

* INSPIRE creativity and thought leadership

* INFORM participants with best practices

* INSTIGATE action throughout everyone’s respective online communities

The day will be bookended by sessions with local musician Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the United States, who will crowd source a song about childhood memories with the tweets (#innwsong) and facebook entries facebook.com/innorthwest of participants.  Chris will open the day by inspiring the audience and collecting ideas which he’ll synthesize into a performance at the end of the day.

Will you gain new insights and inspiration? Will your childhood memory be featured?

We hope you’ll join us. Stay in touch for all the highlights.

We’ll be listening for your childhood memory…

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in-nw : How Digital We Are