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A Back Stage Peek at Four Peaks TV

This fall the MCDM rolled out a new course – Production Studio: Advanced Multimedia Storytelling – as means to integrate the Four Peaks TV show with MCDM curriculum.  The course concentrates on expanding the reach of Four Peaks TV by exploring and developing transformative production processes to create new models of media making, distribution, engagement and evaluation.

In its third year Four Peaks TV has formed a partnership with UWTV and King 5. This age of digital convergence has accelerated change, disrupting what was once a rock-steady world for professionals and their institutions. Four Peaks TV provides the essential mindshift to grasp this systemic revolution. This season, Host Hanson Hosein convenes a new wave of Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Connectors whose audacity and skill have brought them to the peak of their disciplines. In each show, the guests also extend their reach – and yours – by sharing their professional challenges and exploring the strategies they can use to overcome those challenges. It’s recognition that during these transformative times, we all have something to learn from one another.

The Production Studio class sat down with Hanson to talk about the intent and direction of Four Peaks TV:

1) What is different about the new season of Four Peaks TV?

 2) Describe the partnership with King 5 (NWCN).

3) Describe a day of production.

4) What is the narrative arc to each show?

5) Talk about the “Teach Hanson” segment and the importance of being in a learning mode.

6) How do you choose the guests?

7) What technologies do you use on the show?

8) How do you prepare for an interview?

9) Why have a television show in the digital age?

10) Any memorable moments?

Watch Four Peaks TV on NWCN on Saturdays at 4:00pm and Sundays at 9:00pm.  For more information including UWTV air-times and to watch the show online be sure to visit http://www.uwtv.org/fourpeaks.  Four Peaks TV is presented through the generous support of Weber Shadwick and with help from the groovy UWTV crew.

photo by Jordan Slaymaker


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A Back Stage Peek at Four Peaks TV