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Seattle Interactive Conference brings in the Gamechangers

Seattle Interactive ConferenceNext Monday and Tuesday, October 29th and 30th, is the second annual Seattle Interactive Conference. We spoke with Brian Rauschenbach, curator and founder of the event, to get the skinny on what to look out for at this year.

This year’s theme is “Gamechangers”. The conference aims to connect the local interactive tech, creative, and marketing communities with entrepreneurs, businesses, and thinkers working on ideas that will change how we think about and interact with concepts such as subscription business models, content distribution, and the digital living room experience.

In creating this year’s line up, Rauschenbach said, “We have challenged them with a storytelling theme. Tell us about your industry, what challenges you have had, what’s working, what’s not working and what’s ahead.”

One of the speakers Rauschenbach is most excited about is Jason Silva, television personality, filmmaker, and philosopher. From 2005 to 2011, Silva was a presenter on Current TV. He recently launched a series of non-commercial micro-documentaries exploring the co-evolution of human and technology. According to the bio he is rather loftily described as “a modern performance philosopher, reviving the vibe of Tim Leary and Buckminster Fuller and revivifying the dialogue that they started decades ago.” Silva will be talking about the exponential growth curves of digital technology and how it is shrinking the lag time between what we can dream about and what we can create.

Also high on the list is transmedia guru, Elan Lee, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Fourth Wall Studios. Lee led the ideation of Fourth Wall’s groundbreaking original content series Rides.tv platform, delivering exclusive content to viewers across texts, phone calls, email and more. He will be talking about second screens, participatory fiction, and transmedia.

David Bunell is a legendary media entrepreneur and one of the pioneers of technology publishing. In the mid-1970’s he created the marketing campaigns for the world’s first personal computer, the Altair, and went on to launch Personal Computing magazine in 1977, as well as PC Magazine, PC World and Macworld in the 1980’s. He also worked on the design of the Microsoft’s original logo. Bunell will take a look at how media technology has changed over the last 50 years through the perspective of someone on the front lines for most of that time. He will also participate in a panel discussion on Digital Media and Journalism.

Our own MCDM is also well represented this year with faculty members Hanson Hosein, Brian Marr and Rob Salkowitz, along with alumni Ross Reynolds all speaking at the event.

Seattle Interactive is also co-producing and hosting the first-ever Seattle meetup for readers of Engadget. On Monday evening October 29th, Engadget editors and representatives from many of of the technology industry’s top companies will be on-hand to meet readers, give away prizes and talk shop. This follows hugely popular Engadget meetups in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. SIC expects up to 1200 attendees at the meetup.

This year Seattle Interactive has focused on engaging with the local academic and student communities. According to Rauschenbach the conference is great opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to connect with local employers. He described a “brain-drain” on Seattle, a supply shortage of interactive tech, creative and marketing talent here in Seattle, with many companies continuing to have open multiple job opportunities.

As a result SIC is looking to make the event as accessible to students as possible. There are opportunities to volunteer for a day and then attend the other day free of charge as well as a student discount which reduces the event cost by $300 to $99. To learn how to volunteer or to get the discount email SIC at students@seattleinteractive.com and they’ll send you a student discount code. Be sure to use your .edu email address.

We’ll be covering the event, so let us know if you end up attending. We’d love to connect.

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Seattle Interactive Conference brings in the Gamechangers