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Come Innovate at the 2nd Annual Startup Weekend Seattle Edu

It’s no secret that education is a main concern for us, at Flip the Media and MCDM. (Last spring, we had a month-long focus focused on Hacking Edu.) The educational system is under threat now more than ever. Budget cuts have deeply affected schools at the primary, secondary, and collegiate levels, as well as the students that attend them.

While there is cause for concern in the current climate,  there is a movement of entrepreneurs and innovators that are trying to make big changes outside of a system that is slow to change and hampered by budget deficits.

That’s why Startup Weekend Seattle Edu, which brings the popular format of Startup Weekend to the educational arena, makes so much sense. At the event, up to 130 participants from technology, business, education, and other disciplines come together for 54 hours to solve problems that exist in education.

This event is so exciting we’ve teamed up with organizers as a media partner for the event. Not only do we think this is a great way to promote creativity, and innovation in education with an eye to the future but laos a natural place for MCDM and Flip the Media communities to get involved and share amazing ideas and insights.

Startup Weekend Seattle Edu starts October 19 at 6 p.m. with final pitches taking place in the afternoon on Sunday, October 21. The event will feature keynote speaker Sandi Everlove, from Washington STEM, on Friday.

This year will mark the second annual Edu event in Seattle. With an all-star judging panel, great mentors, and knowledgeable participants from a number of different industries, this year’s event looks to build on last year’s success.

[Check out last year’s projects and the winning team here.]

Not only do we encourage you to check back here for updates on the event as it takes place, we also think you should attend. There are a number of ticket options, as well as student discounts. Enter “STUDENT” at checkout and bring your student ID to the event to get a half-price ticket.

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Come Innovate at the 2nd Annual Startup Weekend Seattle Edu