21 Sep 2012

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The 2012 Four Peaks Review is Live

The Four Peaks Review, the journal of record for the MC/MCDM community, is now available online. This is the second issue of the journal, and it collects some of the best thinking and analysis done in this program, and maybe some of the best analysis being done in any similar program.

Every article in the 2012 issue is worth your time and attention, and there is something in there that will benefit almost everyone: an analysis of how restaurant owners should respond to negative reviews on Yelp; an example of how network graph analysis can be used to craft social platform specific strategies; a psychographic segmentation of user types on Facebook; a demonstration of how game mechanics can attune themselves to the curricular needs of elementary STEM education; a powerful examination of the way the social graph sidesteps and runs circles around the debate people think they’re having about privacy on Facebook; and a highly visual analysis of ticket goers that enables a particular concert venue to analyze where to advertise, and which customers might make the best brand and program ambassadors.

These are powerful, insightful essays. And they are all of them group efforts, ranging from small partnerships of two and three, to fully integrated research teams of eight and nine. This penchant for group work tells us much, I think, about the sort of community and the sort of scholarship that the MCDM can produce, as well as the way we work together, as networks, to produce it. As the editor of The Four Peaks Review, I am inordinately proud of the quality and scope of the 2012 issue.


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The 2012 Four Peaks Review is Live