23 Jul 2012

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A Gathering of Storytellers in the Wood

At the MCDM, storytelling is at the nuclear meaning moment of our program. Stories have always been the heartbeat through which communities are bound and the footsteps by which we may better understand each other.  This past weekend, I got to walk around and participate in such a picture at the inaugural PowellsWood Storytelling Festival.

Donald Davis set the stage for this gathering of storymakers in the woods by stating, “The big question always when we are telling stories is not, did I say it – the big question is, did they see it. If someone is painting a picture for us, then we enter into that picture painting with them and fill it in with our own details and we can walk around in that picture all day.”

Over the course of the two days nearly one-thousand folks of all ages made their way through the PowellsWood Garden which featured storytelling workshops and tales told by Donald DavisEth-Noh-TecAlton ChungJoe HayesDebra Harris-Branham and the Whitman Story Sampler.

The PowellsWood Storytelling Festival was catalyzed through generous support of Diane and Monte Powell and curated by Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald. The garden proved to be a wonderful nexus point for the practicing of becoming communities of practice by providing the space and place for a gathering of storytellers and storymakers from a variety of rich traditions.


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A Gathering of Storytellers in the Wood