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Student work spotlighted at MCDM Screen Summit

With the academic year ending last month, the MCDM community celebrated by holding the second annual Screen Summit on Friday, June 8, 2012. In a slightly different format from last year, current students were able to present evidence of their MCDM-related work during an open reception time and instead of awards going out to industry or journalism figures outside of the MCDM, this year top graduating students were recognized in four different categories.

2011-2012 was my first year in the program and I’ve been blown away by the creativity, knowledge, and passion that exist in this program. The Screen Summit provided the perfect round up, featuring some of the best student work and achievements from this academic year. This year’s screen summit also featured the first ever MCDM student awards and that reflected my enthusiasm in the program.

I was so impressed with the talents and abilities of my fellow MCDM students that I wanted to share some of the highlights of their work. First, the winners of the student awards. The MCDM faculty nominated five graduates from this past academic year in four different categories that aligned loosely with the Four Peaks adjunct program of the MCDM.

Andrea Lovan selected as the top MCDM student for Innovation.

Andrea Lovan selected as the top MCDM student for Innovation. (Photo by Rachel Crick)

The first category, innovation, recognized the MCDM student who brought an overall innovative flair to the MCDM, both in and out of the classroom. The nominees were Shelby Barnes, Ruba Hachim, Debbie Hinck, Andrea Lovan, and Joe Pavey. Lovan was selected because her “class work was exemplary, always beyond the basic deliverable, and done not for the grade or teacher but for herself to push further, squeeze more, and maximize her development. Her classroom conversation elevated the experience for everyone.”

Entrepreneurship recognized the MCDM student who demonstrated keen entrepreneurial instincts during their MCDM career, either through business plans or other opportunities and partnerships they pursued. The 2012 nominees were Derek Belt, Jim Hong, Dean Hudson, Kevin Martin, and Kat Schroeder.  In the words of his nominator, Kevin Martin was selected because he “was always pushing the envelope regarding entrepreneurial ideas in my classes.”

Next was community, an award that recognized the MCDM student who contributed significant community service to the MCDM, particularly inventive work that had community impact via a client or within the MCDM – or some combination of the two. Katia Farage, Betsy Hauenstein, Pam Kahl, Ting Kang, and Dan Thornton were nominated.

Dan Thornton was chosen as the winner specifically for his work here on Flip the Media. In the words of his nominator, “The MCDM blog, Flip the Media, transformed under Dan’s co-leadership. He’s written some great posts, but what I’ve been even more impressed with his efforts to bring others into the fold, to help them share their ideas, and to turn FTM into a hub for the MCDM student community. He’s worked tirelessly to put together happy hours and meetings, to make folks both inside and outside of the program feel like they’re part of the family, and of course to improve the quality and quantity of content on the blog.”

Daniel Thornton receives his award for community for Anita Verna Crofts, Associate Director for MCDM.

Daniel Thornton receives his award for community for Anita Verna Crofts, Associate Director for MCDM. (Photo by Rachel Crick)

The entertainment award recognized the MCDM student who created the most compelling example of work around story arc—be that video, web platform, engagement strategy, or other format. Corey Christiansen, Liz Hunter, Erica Schisler, Erika Takeuchi, and Thor Tolo were selected for their contributions to the program. Erika Takeuchi won the award in the words of her nominator as “a standout in our class this past Fall. She did an incredible job of gaining intimate access to a touching story, dealing with it respectfully, and following through to create a polished finished video which got a ton of views and was featured by KING 5.”

Along with the student awards, the Screen Summit featured outstanding student work from throughout the year. There was far too much to cover it all in this one (already slightly lengthy) post. So I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite displays that also represent the breadth of work done in MCDM.

First up is a YouTube channel, MCDM The Inside Scoop, created by students in Drew Keller’s Digital Storytelling class. This channel is intended to be a resource for incoming, current, and potential MCDM students. It includes tips about the student experience, what to expect, and even information for family and friends.

In a class (Interactive Design) charged with creating wireframes of a car search tool, one group went above and beyond, rethinking the model entirely with Pinterest as inspiration and producing a demo video of how the tool would actually work.

CarMax Prototype from darin suthapong on Vimeo.

One of the new core classes, Research Strategy and Business Practice, had a number of group projects emerge based on research of a market segment, a business or website, and its users.  One group specifically looked at how different types of people use Facebook.

This year, the Department of Communication teamed up with the Seattle Times to blog about politics and MCDM offered a class to students interested. I was able to participate and it was an amazing experience. To get a snapshot of our work this quarter, check out this video created by a couple of my classmates.

These are just a few of the pieces of student work that were on display at the MCDM Screen Summit. I definitely feel honored to be around such talented individuals on a regular basis.

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Student work spotlighted at MCDM Screen Summit