15 May 2012

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Flip is Hiring!!!

Its true. We are hiring. I will be leaving my position at the end of the month when I graduate but I will be on hand over the Summer for an orderly transition.

Flip the Media has been absolutely the best part of the MCDM for me. I can’t emphasize how many opportunities I have had because of the work I have done on the Flip. Be it covering fascinating workshops at the Sundance Film Festival or having my clips support an overseas research fellowship, my work at the Flip is my best portfolio and resume material from grad school. Flip the Media staff get to put thier creative energies forward in a way that no other class in the MCDM allows. In a program that doesn’t have many rigorous capstone opportunities, FtM is the way to go. A few weeks back we ran a very interesting article about the rise of the “Content Strategist” by Cheryl Lowry, one of our most talented editors. In that article she posits that any organization’s  communications strategy needs people who can produce, evaluate and curate quality content. That is what we do at the Flip. Everyday.

Join the team.

Here are the deets:

Flip the Media, the blog of the MCDM program, is seeking two senior editors for the 2012-2013 academic year.  Editors will act as Content Strategists, managing the flow of content on the blog, editing posts and curating the website, and as Community Engagement Specialists recruiting contributors, managing social media properties, organizing community events and brand evangelizing.

The editors will be supported by independent study students, volunteers and the faculty adviser, but will hold ultimate responsibility for everything that is published on Flip the Media, so this is a sizable commitment of time and effort.

The applicant should be an enrolled or entering MCDM student. Compensation for each position will come in the form of a tuition waiver for one 5 credit course.

To throw your hat in the ring, send a resume and a cover letter explaining why you’d like to take this on, and what vision you have for Flip the Media, to stonehil@uw.edu. Update: The application deadline has been extended to June 5th at 5pm.

Applicants will be evaluated by a committee of MCDM faculty and outgoing Flip the Media contributors and editors.

Beyond these editor positions, there are also openings to participate for credit (or not) through the summer and into next year. Here’s the course listing: 

Flip the Media: Content Strategy and Community Engagement Practicum
Flip the Mediais the independent student publication of the MCDM program. It is an outward-facing channel for news and analysis from MCDM students and faculty on the crossroads of media, culture and technology.Each quarter, a select group of independent study students run the blog, in cooperation with student editors and faculty advisers.Participating students develop marketable skills in content strategy, community engagement, analytics, SEO, WordPress, web design, brand development and online journalism, and are afforded significant publication opportunities.During Summer Quarter, meetings will be held biweekly on Tuesday evenings.This course is available as an independent study for one or two credits, depending on commitment, or as a non-credit experience.Contact Faculty Adviser Alex Stonehill at stonehil(at)u.washington.edu for more information.

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Flip is Hiring!!!