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Four Peaks TV: Innovative ideas for the future

Innovation, entrepreneurship, community, and entertainment. These are the “four peaks” that embody the mission of the Four Peaks organization and UWTV show of colliding different idea generators, from social activists to business entrepreneurs to local artists within the Pacific Northwest. Four Peaks has rapidly developed into a new way for innovators to connect with one another and with the community.

The concept for Four Peaks came about shortly after the Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) hosted a TEDx Seattle event called “Convening Community Through Story” in the spring of 2010. This event brought people together from various local businesses, faculty from different departments, like the school of Engineering and Psychology, and local artists to speak for 15 minutes, as is the traditional TED motif.

At the same time, the MCDM was producing a monthly webcast called “Emerging” where Hanson Hosein, Director of the MCDM and host of Four Peaks, had a conversation with thought leaders in our community.

Seeing the success of TEDx Seattle, the MCDM decided to combine what they did with that event and what they were doing with their monthly webcast and create a more interactive and participatory setting for the guests of the show. This idea lead to a monthly television show on UWTV called Media Space. The platform was similar to “Emerging” where Hanson would host and have a conversation with a guest about new media and technology. The Telly Award-winning show was renamed Four Peaks in 2011 to echo the more broad-based current affairs happening in the Pacific Northwest.

“The idea with Four Peaks is to bring people together from various peaks and help them to extend their reach beyond their own peak,” said Scott Macklin, Associate Director of the MCDM. “The ability to cross peaks is difficult and we feel that Four Peaks can really be an infrastructure to help people connect in ways they haven’t been able to, and give a stimulus to the type of economic progress and development that we think we see happening in the region.”

Four Peaks provides the catalyst for conversations between community leaders and media creators alike. It moves talented individuals out of their respective social groups and “extends their reach” to other talented individuals from various “peaks.”

The most recent show, episode 3, featured Tom Mara, Executive Director of KEXP, and Shauna Causey, Vice President of Social Media Club and social media strategist for Nordstrom. They discussed the importance of loyalty for a brand and how to ignite it.

“Now we have this opportunity with technology to be a friend on a massive scale … showing, as a company, you care about the community,” Causey said, discussing the importance for companies to use Twitter and Facebook to connect to customers. The group’s conversation on the importance of community and the relationship a company has with that community reflects the digital revolution that is one of the driving “peaks” behind the Four Peaks organization.

Four Peaks TV provides the opportunity for idea generators to connect and collide ideas. Together they create a conversation that will develop into the next generation of innovation.

For more information about Four Peaks TV, visit http://uwtv.org/fourpeaks/. You can also explore http://fourpeaks.org.

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Four Peaks TV: Innovative ideas for the future