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Flip the Media + Storify — How to succeed at MCDM

We here at Flip The Media tend to write posts that focus on new trends and forms of social engagement that involve digital media. Former FTM editor Peter Luyckx recently created a well-timed Storify feed with advice for incoming students on how to succeed in the MCDM program. Considering that I myself will be a part of Cohort 11, I consider this a good read but it’s actually applicable across the board for anyone taking classes on campus. Who did Luyckx turn to in order to compile this advice? It all comes from current students who left comments on the MCDM Social Facebook group. Check out the full Welcome, Cohort ’11 Storify feed for sound advice from industry professionals that are in the program. Here’s a handful of suggestions they had to offer.

Start a blog, publish your minute papers, read more books than are assigned to you, go to events! RT @peterlux: Advice for #MCDM #cohort11?

“Keep your laptops closed as often as possible (in class, of course).” – Paolo Mottola

Don’t fart around on Facebook or Netflix during class. Actually listen to the instructor and your classmates. Seriously, you’ll learn 1,000 times more stuff and feel like your $$ was VERY well spent. I even had a few classes where laptops weren’t allowed. Not surprisingly, they were the best classes I had. – Derek Belt

Partake in class discussion. You’ll likely not get anymore chances to discuss these topics at academic levels again. – Brian Johnson

Create a blog and post your class papers to it so the world can see how brilliant you are. – Brook Ellingwood

“Cut every unnecessary thing out of your life so you can spend the time you need to spend on this program to get the most out of it. – Rachael Dill Boyer

Contribute to Flip the Media and practice thinking of yourself as a thought leader. Which you will be when you’re done.- Peter Luyckx

Again, that’s advice that anyone can learn something from thus consider these nuggets of wisdom from current MCDM students as personal reminders at the very least. There’s also a growing Storify feed based around MCDM news and new hires that is particularly interesting if you want to know where current or former students are getting hired. Check that out when you get a chance as well.

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Flip the Media + Storify — How to succeed at MCDM