11 Jul 2011

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MCDM Debuts the “Four Peaks Review”

We would proudly like to announce the public release of the inaugural issue of The Four Peaks Review, the official journal of the Four Peaks community. The initial limited release was announced at the 2011 MCDM Screen Summit, and now that the site has completed some templating and architecture adjustments, we would like to invite everyone to take some time and to explore the work done in the journal, which is really extraordinary.

You can read the current issue here.

We also hope that students, alumni and faculty will consider submissions for future issues. The Four Peaks Review will be published twice a year, in June and December. We are currently accepting submissions and inquiries for the December issue, which will contain a special theme section focusing on institutions being altered fundamentally by the rapid changes in the digital and social media ecosystem.

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MCDM Debuts the “Four Peaks Review”

Cunningham and Thornton Named Flip the Media Editors

Last year, in an effort to suss out how to evolve and sustain the good work heretofore put into the Flip the Media blog, we initiated an Independent Study: Flip the Media: Building an Outlet. The call was to be part of team to experiment in the planning, creation and deployment of a transformative media outlet.  Topics included, writing for the web, news room design, SEO, multimedia, web analytics, content management, and monetization models. Alex Stonehill and Sarah Stuteville provided the guidance and a group of MCDM students took on the task.   One of the many recommendations (more to be published soon) was to have more formal student leadership and oversight.  To that end, we’d like to introduce our new FTM editors.

Congratulations to Cohort 10’s Dan Thornton and incoming student Jonathan Cunningham, who will be sharing student editor duties for Flip the Media for the coming year.

Jonathan is a successful music blogger who has worked with the Seattle Weekly and Publicola, and as a trainer with youth media literacy programs. He will formally become an MCDM student in the Fall, but has been volunteering with Flip the Media for the last year, writing popular posts on topics ranging from viral videos to cloud music services.

Dan has extensive experience in film and design and teaches at Bellevue College. He worked with the Flip the Media independent study during Winter and Spring quarter, authoring and editing dozens of posts.

“I am keenly dedicated to enhancing the relationship between Flip the Media and the larger MCDM community,” Thornton said in his application letter, adding “…the goal is to establish Flip the Media as a ‘go-to’ destination for readers interested in the cross section of technology, media and culture.”

Jonathan will be recruiting contributors to the blog from the broader community, and writing a bi-weekly column. Dan will be managing and scheduling posts as they go out and building relationships inside MCDM.

Corey Christiansen will continue as Technical Coordinator, and Alex Stonehill will stay on as Faculty Advisor to the blog.

A shoutout is also due to the rest of the team who helped run Flip the Media this year: Sophia K. Agtarap, Brook Ellingwood, Suna Gurol, Elizabeth Hunter, Beth Koemans, Toni Del Rio, Carlos Sanchez, Inge Scheve and Sean Wang.

Flip the Media is seeking writers for the summer, and the coming academic year. Submit your story idea here, or send completed posts to dan@alibipictures.com or wordlush@gmail.com.



photos:  Cunningham by Dan Thornton, Thornton by Cindy Apple

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Cunningham and Thornton Named Flip the Media Editors