25 May 2011

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Lynn Shelton and Matt Vancil on Media Space Tonight

Undeniably, the two industries that have been most severely disrupted by the digital media revolution are the music and film industries. Tonight’s airing of the latest Media Space television show highlights the work of two local area film disrupters. Matt Vancil and Lynn Shelton might not share a similar common artistic vision in their work but they are both pioneering new ways to fund, distribute and produce motion picture content. Pioneering crowd-source development models for his web series “JourneyQuest” Vancil also delves deep into his storytelling philosophy. Lynn Shelton has garnered both industry accolades and indy-cred for her distinct feature films and work in episodic television.

In this fascinating conversation moderated by MCDM Director and Media Space host Hanson Hosein, Shelton and Vancil delve deeply into their creative processes and storytelling philosophies. Shot in front of a live audience at the newly opened SIFF Cinema Center, this latest episode of Media Space airs tonight at 9:00pm on UW TV.


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Lynn Shelton and Matt Vancil on Media Space Tonight