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FLIP Brazil: Documentary Filmmaking, Human Rights and Global Activism

This past Fall, three Communication undergraduates (Lucas Anderson, Nicolette Lock, and Ryan McNamme) and a Master of Communication in Digital Media student (Matthew Franco) participated in the FLIP Brazil study abroad program.  Sponsored by the Comparative History of Ideas Program, The Latin American Studies Program in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies and the Master of Communication in Digital Media (MDCM) program at the University of Washington, the goal of FLIP Brazil was is to investigate issues of human rights as they are understood in the Brazillian context, document research with film and photos, and then return with footage for editing into short pieces that illustrate their findings and for possible use as a human rights activist tool.

“The outcome of our project was more than just music but a meaningful bond between people coming from completely different realities critiquing the same social problems which exist in two different countries and across the globe.”  – Jaime Espinoza and Tom Pepe

The FLIP Brazil program takes up the broad theme of human rights.  In addition to learning about the on-going and very heated academic and political debates on human rights in Brazil, students were trained to document, in film, human rights movement in urban Sao Paulo and rural Araçuaí, Minas Gerais. Through this applied project students critically reflected upon a number of methodological issues as well as their role as global activists.  The Brazil program was composed of three courses: one seminar on human rights, one methods course in which students produce a short documentary film, and Portuguese language.

The list of FLIP Brazil projects include:

“Aldeia: Cinta Vermelha de Jundiba”
Angelina Gradskaya

“Dois Mundos Contra O Sistema”
Jaime Espinoza
Tom Pepe

“Getting Around Brazil – Access as a Human Right”
Selma Collins

“Illustration of Access”
Lucas Anderson
Ryan McNamee
Sydney Simon

“Learning Under a Mango Tree”
Nicolette Lock
Amanda Pugh
Jasmyne Walton

Margaret Griesse
Angelica Macklin
Jonathan Warren

Matthew Franco

Scott Macklin

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FLIP Brazil: Documentary Filmmaking, Human Rights and Global Activism