29 Sep 2010

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Why the food revolution will be tweeted

Malcolm Gladwell has a piece in in the most recent New Yorker where he questions the ability of online social networks to mobilize groups to organize for social change. I won’t comment on his premise here, but I will say that online social networks are a great platform for mobilizing groups to buy a taco. Or an ice-cream cone. Pulled pork sandwich, anyone?

The food truck revolution is closely tied to the social network revolution. As mobile dispensers of food, trucks rely on customers tracking their routes via their personal mobile devices.  You can catch Molly Moon’s ice cream cones in Capitol Hill on Wednesday, and Marination Mobile in Ballard on Thursday. Legendary food writer Jonathan Gold of the LA Times just published a piece about food trucks in LA that drew attention to customers who “obsessively monitor [the] Twitter feed” (“tweaters”) of particularly beloved trucks.

This synergy between the digital revolution and the food revolution is one of the reasons why the MCDM was asked to join the inaugural “Geek Row” in Seattle’s Mobile Chowdown this Friday just north of Qwest Field. We’ll be there with the likes of Urbanspoon and Ben Huh, flying the Department of Communication flag, sharing the work of the MCDM, and likely eating a taco or two.

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Why the food revolution will be tweeted