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Brooke Shepard, Executive VP of Creative at Weber Shandwick shares his content and engagement methodology with grad students in our Communication through Digital Media & Networks course.

He helps them apply it specifically to a communications challenge presented by Sandra Jackson-Dumont, head of Education and Public Programs at the Seattle Art Museum.

This is our 21st century engagement recipe: content that inspires people in communities & networks to change their behavior in some way.

Digital Leadership

MCDM Student Shanna Christie interviewed Tracy Record of the West Seattle Blog, and Bill Schrier of City of Seattle Information Technology.

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Shanna Christie from Leadership in the Digital Age on Vimeo.

MCDM Student Theresa Stone interviewed Sean Monica, Vice Principal and Athletic Director of Kamiak High School, and Mateo Messina, Composer and Founder of the Symphony Guild.

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Theresa Stone from Leadership in the Digital Age on Vimeo.

MCDM GNM student Robin Avni interviewed Will Poole, Social Technologist and Photographer, Richard Gold, Founder of Pongo Teen Writing Project and Author, and Paula Boggs, EVP/General Counsel for Starbucks, and Singer/Songwriter.

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Robin Avni from Leadership in the Digital Age on Vimeo.

MCDM student Michael Burlin interviewed Brian Marr, Managing Director, Wexley School for Girls and MCDM faculty member, and Tac Anderson, Vice President of Digital Strategies for Waggener Edstrom.

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Michael Burlin from Leadership in the Digital Age on Vimeo.

MCDM student Thor Tolo interviewed Tim Gaydos, Mars Hill Church Pastor, and Connie Dieken, Author with onPoint Communication.

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Thor Tolo from Leadership in the Digital Age on Vimeo.


Four Perspectives

MCDM Student Shelby Barnes spent the summer in Namibia observing the impact digital media is having on Namibian culture, business, and youth, and mentoring interns at one of the country’s top advertising agencies, adforceDDB.

Video >

Shelby Barnes – Namibia from MCDM Mediaspace on Vimeo.

MCDM Student Pam Kahl spent four weeks this past summer in Ghana concurrently teaching a storytelling seminar at Ashesi University, Ghana’s first liberal arts curriculum institution of higher education, and exploring the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT).

Video >

Pam Kahl – Ghana from MCDM Mediaspace on Vimeo.

MCDM Student Joseph Pavey spent this last summer working in Cameroon as a Technology Advisor for Plan International on their Youth Empowerment Through Technology, Arts, and Media (YETAM) project. YETAM teaches skills in social media, citizen journalism, and digital mapping to help make youth better advocates for change and development in their own communities.

Video >

Joseph Pavey – Cameroon from MCDM Mediaspace on Vimeo.

MCDM Alum Alvin Singh works with entrepreneurs in South Africa who are looking for interactive marketing methods to boost sales and reach a broader consumer base.  He primarily studies how mobile technology is moving rapidly across Africa and the different behavior habits of subscribers particularly—particularly youth.  In addition, Singh works closely with legendary photographer Alf Kumalo to digitize over 60 years of his photos, and was given press access to follow First Lady Michelle Obama on her first solo trip to Africa.

Video >

Alvin Singh – South Africa from MCDM Mediaspace on Vimeo.