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Andrea Zeller, Faculty

Andrea Zeller is an instructor for the Communication Leadership Multi-Platform Content Strategy: A Practical Approach to Immersive & Responsive Content.
As a content leader with experience in the travel, healthcare and non-profit industries, Andrea is well versed in scalable storytelling and driving strategy for quality rich media and content that meets the needs of the online customer. She has held various content roles in operations, editorial and more recently content strategy for Expedia, inc. since 2007. 

Previously, she was an award-winning filmmaker and video editor focusing on global non-profits, international healthcare and capturing life through a cinema verite lens. She received her undergrad degree from NYU in film, and earned a Communication Leadership degree in 2007.

Andrea is passionate about building community for future thinking around content strategy and will be starting an online space called “Commingle” that will open up conversation for research and case studies between practicing professionals and organizations. She is also co-leading research on Contextual Storytelling: Defining Best Practices for the Internet of Things.